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5 reasons Summer is the best insurance selling season!

Many people think summer is when sales start to slow because people are on vacation, away from home or the heat just makes doing anything less likely, especially buying Final Expense insurance.

We, at The Keene Group Inc., think just the opposite because we’ve seen summer open up more opportunities than all the other seasons. Why?

Here are 5 reasons summer is the best Final Expense Insurance selling season.

  1. IT’S EASIER TO DROP BY: Because the weather is nice, it’s easier for an agent to say they “were just in the neighborhood” or “talking a walk.” So, the conversation begins on a friendly note.
  2. PEOPLE ARE OUTSIDE: In many cases, an agent doesn’t even need to go up to the door. If people are outside and they look like the right demographic, an agent can begin the conversation there. Your customers also feel uneasy about letting someone into their house.
  3. CALL ON GROUPS, NOT JUST INDIVIDUALS: People who are outside are likely to be with other people just like them. For an agent, this is a windfall. They can persuade a group, not just an individual.
  4. IT’S CASUAL: An agent can do his or her job in casual clothes, even shorts. And it’s a better way to do business. The agent doesn’t have to dress up and the potential customers find the agent more approachable.
  5. IT WORKS WITH THE BUYING CYCLE: People need to think before they buy, especially with Final Expense Insurance. A few contacts are usually required. A Summer call plants the seed.  The agent can say they will follow up in the Fall and know whether they can expect the sale before they end of the year.

Does this convince you summer is the best selling season?

Maybe $1250 in extra cash or the highest commissions in the industry might help?.  To learn more about the Keene Group, just watch this video.

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