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A Consistent Lead Flow

Feedback from one of our agents:

Just to let you know I am at a 2% return on my current mailing in Davidson. As you know I only mail a minimum of 4k every 2 to 3 weeks. This is my 5th mailing since Sept. I placed the order on Jan 20th and leads were in my hand on Feb 10th. These are people ages 60-75 with an income of 20k to 50k. I call these people the cream of the crop in terms of buying a final expense policy. Yes I got back 85 so far on a 4100 piece mailing.

Here is how I stand on the bottom line

Last week I worked Mon-Wed and wrote 2 policies each day for a total of $2,736 and used only 18 leads

This week I worked Tue-Wed and wrote 2 policies on Tue and 1 on Wed for total of $2,988 and used 22 leads.

Now we are exactly half way in this county. At this pace I will do 10k or more this month in Davidson.

The key is working 3 weeks ahead of yourself. As you know I dropped 4k in my next county last week and when they start coming in I will order my next county and so on.

So I sold $5724 and had 5 days in the field and my lead cost is down to an amazing 20 bucks each.

Hands down game over case closed we have the best direct mail program in America today.

Good job brother


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