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Bonus Promotion

If you write any Apps before you read the following message you will lose the check for $1250!

My name is Joe Iannelli and my company has a hot new Final Expense product that not only pays the highest street level
commissions in your area but also FOR A LIMITED time will ALSO pay you an additional $50 per application submitted!
That is right you could make *$1250 in extra cash on top of the already high commission, just for writing the

Here are some more perks for this Hot New Product.

  • A+ rated carrier
  • No MIB check
  • No RX check
  • No height and weight tables
  • No APS, ever
  • Nine month advance commission
  • Exotic convention trips
  • Excellent home office support
  • Lead program

We are not looking for a large number of agents to sell this product. In fact we are only adding 2 agents in your area and that is it! What (who) I am looking for are a few good agents who are producers and whom want to be well compensated for their production. If so, call me!

The $50 per App bonus program ends soon so if you are interested, call me right now at 203-540-5400. If you wait another agent in you area could be cashing your check for *$1250.

Ask me about our Senior Lead Program, you may qualify for free leads.

*minimum 20 Apps to qualify. Bonus for first 60 days after appointment

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