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5 Strategic Approaches to Lead Generation

As we dive further into the New Year, the prospect pipeline might be looking a bit low — Time to generate some leads!
Shotgun approaches to marketing risk being expensive, time-consuming and nonproductive. They also fail to distinguish your firm in the market. “It is never a matter of just buying a list,” says Robert Sofia,…

Top 15 Prospecting Tips To Acquire More Customers

Is cold-calling a thing of the past? And if it is, how else do you find new customers?
Prospecting is often considered the top challenge when it comes to growing a business.
If you’re relying on cold-calling, it can be awkward and unproductive.
A new way of looking at cold-calling is not doing it at all. Instead, marketers…

Sell Foresters. See the world.

Your Foresters™ production efforts can earn you the experience of a spectacular Alaskan cruise aboard the Regent Seven Seas Cruise®.
Click to Watch the Alaskan Cruise Video>>

Please see below for details on how to qualify:
Qualification Period
January 1 – December 31, 2016
Applications must be issued and paid, and all issue requirements (including delivery, where applicable) satisfied by…

Emergency Assistance from Foresters: Tornadoes and Flooding

Emergency Assistance – Tornadoes and Flooding
Please be advised that as of Monday, January 4th, Emergency Assistance efforts will be provided to ForestersTM members affected by tornadoes and flooding in Eastern New Mexico, North Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Southern and Central Illinois, Southern Tennessee, Northern Mississippi, Central Alabama, and Northern and Southeast Georgia, and Eastern Louisiana.

Agents….Start Your Engines!

Race For Rewards Fast Start Sales Incentive Program From 5 Star Life Insurance Company
It’s a new year and we are excited to start the race.  Don’t get left behind in the pit!  Aim for pole position and go full speed ahead while earning extra cash as you go! The flag will drop January 1, 2016…

Lifetime Legacy Agent Training From Americo

Show your clients how they can immediately increase the amount they leave to their loved ones with Lifetime Legacy

With Lifetime Legacy your clients have:

A lifetime guaranteed death benefit that passes on to loved ones income tax-free.*
Access up to 80% of the death benefit, less any loans, in the event of permanent nursing home confinement or…

Gobble Up Extra Cash With Americo’s Eagle Premier Series eApplication Contest

Now through December 15, 2015 earn $50 on the 1st submitted and paid Eagle Premier Series eApplication. Plus receive an additional $100 for every 5th eApp submitted and paid after that! 
The more applications you place, the more CASH you earn! NO LIMIT!

Point-of-Sale Decisions Have Never Been Easier

Designed for touch screen devices
Available 24/7
No phone calls
Rx & MIB…

Americo Income Term Insurance – A Different Way to Meet Mortgage Protection Needs

Americo Income Term Insurance provides a different way to meet your mortgage protection needs.
Death benefit paid in month income payments
Simplified Issue – just a few simple health questions
Non-medical up to $350,000
Five term periods available
*15, 20, 25, 30 years to help match mortgage length
*To age 70 to help protect income during the ‘working years’
Optional riders available…

Settlers Life Pick A Place Program

Beginning September 1, 2015 and running through December 31, 2015, if you write $16,000 in net-annualized premium, Settlers Life will send you and your loved one to a destination of your choice in the continental US.
That’s right.  You pick it, Settlers Life Insurance Company will pay for it.

They’ll pay for your airfare, hotel, and give you…

Earn Cash With Americo’s Eagle Premier Series eApplication Contest


Rake in Some Additional Cash
with Americo’s Eagle Premier  Series eApplication Contest

Earn $50 on your 1st submitted & paid Eagle Premier Series eApplication now through December 15, 2015.
Plus, for every 5th submitted & paid eApp, you earn an additional  $100!
The more applications  you place,  the more CASH you earn! No Limit!

Total Payout

1st paid application

5th paid application

10th paid application


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